Thursday, December 9, 2010

Morphyrichards breadmaker 48321 or Panasonic SD-256WXC

Hubby's officemate who is also resident of UK said Morphy Richard brand is quite known there. Even Kenwood can't beat that brand. I've been searching for the best BM for myself, and it's not an easy research :p. At early of our research Panasonic is still the best BM. Read review here. Now I'm considering which one to buy.

£64.99= 321.634 MYR


£73.90=366.113 MYR

Other review: Here

Both has features that I wanted:
  • 17/18 programs
  • 3 Loaf sizes
  • 5 crust settings
  • 12 hour delay timer
  • LCD display
Masih ada masa lagi..teruskan membaca review...huhu
Bestkan tgk gambo ni? :p

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