Monday, May 3, 2010

Great and Frugal Weekend Getaway

Sunday start with Mus'ab and Mawaddah Sport Day 2010. Being a immature kid+ student, Mawaddah didn't want to participate in any activity. While Mus'ab joined 1 game, ikat kaki berpasangan and won the Bronze medal. Boleh la. Demam-deman pon boleh lari tuh.

Thanks Ayah for taking this pic

Another 1 weeks for Lil Muaz turns 9 MO ;)

We didn't wait until the Sport event end since we have another activity: picnic @ Kem Isi Rimba , Kemensah cum Family gathering.

What's so great about Isi Rimba Kemensah?
  • It's a great place for family gathering. Nice and very calm forest environment. Dah namapon Isi Rimba kan?
  • So near to the town of KL
  • The buffet price is only RM10/pax ( breakfast + lunch) for adult.
  • The water level was not so deep, so it's safe for the children playing and bathing around.
  • Place to play Paintball, so it's great for teenagers too rather than wasting time merempit
  • Good place to release your tension and depression. Cuma ibu pantang tidak digalakkan masuk hutan hihihi

Parking area is very limited. You have to place ur booking upfront.
saspen beb dengan this warning haha :p

People having picnic on Sunday

It was quite a tiring picnic kan baby?

Only Mawaddah and Muaz didn't dip into the river

Mus'ab yg sakan mandi dengan sepupu sepapat

Can't wait for another weekend getaway @ Bagan Lalang Gold Coast this weekend. ;) Actually can't wait for the sotong bakar, udang bakar & ikan bakar session with officemate haha

Sabtu terperap kat umah layan kerja umah dan kerja pejabat, bab complaints mesti kene layan, mesti komited pd pelanggan :p

Craving for BIG Apple donutssss huhu


hanis said... Reply To This Comment

sungguh seronok kulihat deme berpiknik...

rasa nak usha2x jugaklah tempat tuh...selalu kami ke ulu yam weekend penuh yg amatssss..

Big Apple..owh no...dari tak mengidam jadi mengidam dah nih...heheh..

ermmm sedapnyeeeeeeeeeeeee..

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

hanis, sgt mengidammm hihi :) best2 gi la piknik..tak byk mkn wang..kalau gi mall abeh duit