Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tag: What's inside my handbag?

Tagged by Sis Ain, my SIL.

What's inside my handbag are:
-women must have: 1 lip balm, 1 lipstick , wallet, handphone, comb, folic acid, voucher tesco
-UT consultant must have : thumbprint pad, name cards, tissue, pen
-businesswoman must have :p: a mini green notebook ( where I write any contact of clients / potential clients that I met, any orders on T shirts/cakes that suddenly comes in, write any website that attract my interest and to write any ideas that suddenly came out at anytime & anywhere)

So, let's see how many handbag that I have. I normally have only 1 handbag at one period of time. So my current handbag is look like this that I bought from Jusco during Hari Raya last year.

Prior to the above, my previous handbag is Sembonia which was quite pricey than my current handbag which I bought from Sogo. It was actually a gift from Abang. If not mistaken I have used it for almost 3 years and it already has minor defects + wrinkles. I also have a document bag that I rarely used. This one bought from Parkson. And what is inside this bag is normally unit trust brochures, calculator and unit trust investors forms ;). Eh..awat aku suka yang banyak tulisan atas beg eh?? ish pelikkk pulak
I'm not a brand loyalty person even to what kind of store I went.
Anyone interested to do this tagging??


puterikiut said... Reply To This Comment

cam menarik entry nie.. nnt nak buat jugak la.. suka menjawab tagging2 nie.. tapi nak kena balik amik gambar beg dulu.. hehe

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

okes k. nita buat tau..k. nita punya sure lg menarikk hihi

laydida said... Reply To This Comment

well, u have an option to minimize the amount/weight of stuffs u brought being a biznezwomenneh by having a smartphone/pda. an orgnanizer, diary and phone. all in one!

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

huda, pda cost me a tunggu sampai my business punya return dah achieve xx amaount , baru boleh tukar ..i still have the cheaper option ;)

aida said... Reply To This Comment

bestnya kena tag camni...
tapi org pompuan ni bab nafsu beli bag tu macam tak boleh tahan

yatipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

aku suke tagging ni...tapi malas nk amik gambo bag :p

j-card mivalley 24 ke 25? tapi kenape aku cam tak bernafsu nak shopping jek lately huhuhu diriku dah insaf meh???

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

aida~ bagiku nafsu nak beli beg tu maybe normal la utk pompuan..aku je nak wat tak?? sila2

yati~buat le tagging ni..bukan dah insaf yati, berhijrah! takut aku tgk ko dulu kat JJ pergi bahagian beg tgn yg kelas2..sbb kalau aku gi yg tengah berlonggok tu ihiks :p

yatipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

ala aku tgk je tak semestinyer aku membeli :p

hijrah? hehe sweet je bunyinyer!