Sunday, March 2, 2008

UT versus other savings

I do constantly aware and compare the different types of my saving and investment portfolio.

During my childhood I only had ‘Ting’ (then upgraded to ‘ASB’ when I reached 18 years old) and ‘ASW’ account and from that point at time I learn about saving. I used to have only limited portfolio and now I will embark more portfolios that is in UT.

Last 2 years (May 06) I withdraw my money from ASB after I found the fact and fatwa that convinced me the investment has non-syariah substance. I used most of the money and make my really first moderate risk Unit Trust investment. I purchased Public Ittikal from Public Mutual. I only invest RM5K. Today, the return is really wonderful.
As you can see in the table above, the one year average return of Ittikal is 21%. If I want to dispose my unit today, I shall reap RM 6,660. The calculation is so simple which is ‘No. of units we hold times the NAV’. So, the return for my UT is 33% in 1 year and 9 months. Patience is the main commitment that required for an investor. So, I shall wait longer.

UT return is quite outstanding and satisfactory as compared to other savings account. The average return of UT is between the range of 10%-15% (while my Ittikal is 33%) as compared to my TH of 7% and 5.8% return for EPF. In short, I could say I’ve fallen in love with UT. I’m going to make more investment. And so that I adore Warren Buffet, the greatest stock market investor.

I think I shall diversify my saving/investment. Don’t you think so? My next strategies are:

1) I’m waiting my 07 bonus. I don’t expect much, level 3 is good enough. I will take at least another 4K to invest in the UTS. This amount will be invested in Public China Ittikal Fund (PCIF).
2) My EPF saving from account 1 is now eligible to be used for investment. I’m going to invest in the Public Islamic Select Treasures Fund (PISTF).
3) I’m going to make regular saving on monthly basis of RM600 in Public Islamic Dividend Fund (PIDF).

I’m still in the ‘learning’ stage about personal finance. I hope that education thru my dad, our book collections and lots of great online writers and bloggers out there will aid my effort and commitment toward the journey of financial freedom. I hope to invest and learn more.

What and Why I choose those UT? I shall reserve the comments in the next entry.

Footnote: I still keep my regular monthly savings to TH.

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Fitri & Nazihah said... Reply To This Comment

Farah, ada beberapa soalan yang still ogy tak yakin. 1)Mcm mana kita betul2 nak pastikan pelaburan yang diaorang buat adalah betul2 halal? 2)Cuba survey/study UT CIMB bank(syariah). Dia antara pesaing PM & since Nazir Razak amik alih, banyak pelabur berminat dgn CIMB. Ogy dah study & decided masuk 50-50 PM & CIMB coz dua2 menguntungkan..

Farra said... Reply To This Comment


1) shariah based UT product must have their Shariah committee/advisor which should be approved by the Securities Commission (SC). They will supervise, monitor and audit all transactions & reports. If they found any non-compliance the UT kene revoke. Latest Syariah advisor boleh tgk dlm Before beli UT, baca dulu dlm Public Mutual part 9 ada state their Shariah Advisor.

2)About CIMB punyer UT insyallah will study and share the findings later ;)

good! u diversify

aida said... Reply To This Comment

hoho, aku tak leh masuk.. bapak aku marah kalau masuk unit trust..

hoho, tobat dah taknak kena basuh dah ngan ayah aku

`Ain said... Reply To This Comment

Akak masuk UT trust yg amat merugikan, that is ASNITA since 2001. After 7 years, I am still loss about 1k if I sell all the share now. Since then, we invest in Bond ie Bon Islam etc and company IPO. It is not liquid though.I prefer Dana Restu from Great Eastern too.Anyway, the great & profitable investment is, "providing the best education for the kids!!"

mardhiah12 said... Reply To This Comment

farra, i'm sceptical dalam syariah board SC tu. sebabnya dia org approve bay al-dayn (even though ramai ulama' kata haram). hmph....

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

Aida, any bad experience on that?

K.Ain,we have to study each of the fund before we commit to invest..sekarang ni ada 530 UT kat Malaysia, so kite kene pilih the right fund..nnti kita talk2 eh bila jumpa ;) selamat mengundi!

Aini,care to share more details? setakat ni aku yakin dgn SC on the syariah UT

mardhiah12 said... Reply To This Comment

nanti ada masa aku scan notes bay al-dayn ke..tengoklah ek..tengah malas ni :p

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

ok aini
aku cuti today

Julie said... Reply To This Comment

farra, aku ambik ittikal, china dividend fund & asia islamic dividend fund.. paling untung PI.. yang 2 lagi tu tgh rugi sbb asean market quite rely on US economy.. so, buat masa skrg, safer to invest domestically sbb kita takde pergantungan kpd US dollar.. lagi satu, try mix dgn bond.. yg ni aku baru blaja.. sbb bond tak affected sgt bila economy terjejas.. just my 2 cents.. aku invest sket2 jek..