Tuesday, March 11, 2008

2 lessons for today

Just to share 2 stories today.

First, I paid the MPS fee after the overdue date. I delayed the payment it until we are moving to my mom's house last 3 weeks whilst the bill is left at our house. When hubby asked about it last week, then I just realized I’m yet to pay the bill. So, instead of RM153, I paid RM161. (difference of RM8=2 days lunch meal). Paid last 2 days. This is what we call ‘cost of procrastination’. Isn’t a good lesson?

Second, I received a letter from LHDN requesting for another RM295 of income tax payment in year 2005. Ironically, I also get the same amount of the refund lat year from LHDN for my excess payment of tax in year 2006. Aiseh menn, I can’t find any records of the payment in 2005. So, by this time I should establish one dedicated file just for Income Tax, not to mixed up with other monthly house or personal bills. At this point of time, I’ve pay any cent for the income tax. A friend advise to just pay it and don’t make any appeal because sometimes the figure will be higher after they have make further investigation..selongkar sana sini la..adehh . This thing really bother me laa.. RM295 can support my one-month fuel.

Hope you also learn something from my experience.


Fitri & Nazihah said... Reply To This Comment

Farrah, kenapa tak bayar zakat jer.. Atleast dengan cara tue kita dapat bantu orang2 susah... Kalo Farah tolak RM30-RM50 sebulan, bersamaan RM360-RM600 setahun. Lagi bagus coz secara tak langsung kita juga buat investment untuk akhirat... Ogy & husband buat potongan gaji bayar zakat setiap bulan, so tak payah bayar kat income tax dah...

`Ain said... Reply To This Comment

we manage all our house utilities using the microsoft outlook task.ada dateline and reminder.so, never missed.i`m the secretary of the house:), got 18 ringfiles + 5 clearholder (labelled and indexed).

we also make monthly deductions to pay zakat since 2 years ago.no worries then.

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

yes ogy..fara buat zakat pendapatan dgn potongan gaji baru start setahun..while zakat simpanan, bayar di kaunter every year..ni cerita tahun 2005..my mistake tak simpan all docs in on file, label & index..so nak cari tak jumpa..sebab all zakat + books for year 2006 I paid lebih, that's why dpt refund

k.ain, itula..i only have 3 ringfiles..but mixed up, labbeled but no index :D, so need to rearrange back my file again

ummi said... Reply To This Comment

akak punya filing cam kat office! like 'ain, i'm trying my best to document everything pertaining to tax, loans, banks-related, kwsp and even my kids kindy and sekolah rendah. dari surat-menyurat, sampailah ke resit bayaran. we never know what might surface in future. it's true sometimes we tend to just throw everything everwhere sbb tak sempat. for that purpose, i have one dedicated file. mana2 tak sempat nak masuk file specific, masuk sini dulu. bila ada masa, masuk file specific. insyaAllah tak hilang.

especially now dear that you're doing the reno. better keep all receipts and agreements baik2.

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

ye la k.tie..I'm doing it right now..nak seperate all bills yg mixed up tu

thks a lot for the adviseee