Monday, February 18, 2008


In addition of upgrading the kitchen….I’m also in the process of upgrading few ares of my life:

1) Family: I’m ready to conceive starting as I shall start wean Mawaddah off BF. She will be 2 years old this coming 20th March 08.
2) Personal growth: I’ll be taking an important exam (important for my self, may not important to others ;) ) this coming March, just before the election. I shall discipline my self to study hard everyday, rather than surfing the Internet finding more recipe, more blog’s template and other non-value added activities.

Note: Progress of my kitchen renovation is deem slow . The workers love to take leave especially during public holiday and Sat & Sun. I have no confident that the kitchen will be ready by end of Feb 08. We are now residing in my mom’s house since CNY.


-are you- said... Reply To This Comment

waa.. Farra dah start plan for No 3ke? Bestnyer dpt BF For 2 years. Ayu tgh berusaha sedaya upaya nak BF Amin smp 2 years, tapi lately nih milk production cam kuranglahh.. arghhh.. nak buat camana ni ek??

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

ayu..kita still bF but not 100 BF..kalau continue bagi susu & kita jaga kesihatan..insyallah susu tu akan terus ada