Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Designer Hood: Vento 95E Elba

I've made my decision. Yes to buy the Hood.
The selling price in the website is RM1,292.00 whilst my favorite shop offer me RM850. I'm wondering whether this brand is OK or not, but as far as the price is concern, it's quite reasonable and suit my budget. My budget for the Designer Hood is RM1K and below. What do you think? Can anyone suggest other brand?

Rennovation updates: They will start the tiling activities today.


zue said... Reply To This Comment

tak sabar nak tunggu dapur akak siap. bleh pakai idea kalau berminat.

p/s - budgeting pun kalau poket tak bocor boleh tiru gak

Fitri & Nazihah said... Reply To This Comment

Farah, cuba survey brand lain. Coz orang kate brand Elba nie, kureng sikit...(dari pengalamnlah...)