Friday, January 25, 2008

Kitchen Renno - day 5

This time I didn't take so much time to make survey and decide which hob that I want. Few months back, I was very fascinated with the 'Inner Flame' Tech which was inspired by Rinnai.
Today, we went again to the same shop where we bought the 2.5 sink in Jalan Ipoh and we were also wondering whether other manufacturer had also produced the same Tech. Only Rinnai and Millea that produced that Tech. Most of the Inner Flame Hob price above RM1.5K except the one that we bought:
RB-2GSi. The shop sell it at RM1100, but then we went to another fav. shop in Jalan Kepong that offer us the best price of the same model : RM900. Alhamdulillah , RM 200 saving is a lot!
To date, our RB-2GSi is still in it's box. It has 1 year warranty.

Let me share some info of the Technology. RINNAI's exclusive "Inner Flame" :
(i) Powerful & controllable even heat
(ii) Higher heat efficiency as compared to normal burners
(iii) Perfect simmer control, superb for making soup
(iv) Easy to clean as compared to normal burner

Read about the
Burner Performance Comparison between Inner VS Normal burner.

I'm still wondering whether we need to buy the hood. Few people says that it doesn't really worth functioning (but worth decorating the kitchen i guess). Mom and hubby proposed we could use 2 top kitchen fans ( eh what we call ek that fan?) that has strong suction function instead of the hob. So, what say u? I need opinions!! FYI, I cook a lot daily..weekly ..and forever.

My YTD expenditure for the Kitchen renovation is RM7274, contributed to:
2.5 bowl sink- RM199 ( murah kan?)
Sink tap - RM70
Few kitchen accessories from Ikea - RM 105
MPS approval - RM500
Architecture fee- RM500
Hob - RM900
1st payment to contractor - RM5, 000


-are you- said... Reply To This Comment

Farra, ayu pun pakai inner flame bunner Rinnai, tapi model lain. Pasal hood pulak, it depends on the suction power. Kalau rendah sgt, serupa cam tak pakai. Sbb org Malaysia nih masak byk menumis tak mcm org puteh :) btw, cadangan pakai kipas tuh pun bagus gak.. rasa2nya nama dia kitchen exhaust fan.. tul ke ek?

Fitri & Nazihah said... Reply To This Comment

Farrah, pandangan ogy, buatlah hood tu. Coz boleh hindar dapur drp berminyak & berbau lepas masak. But kalo nak beli, kene beli yang betul2 berkualiti coz kalo beli yang murah, baik tak yah beli hanya bising jer... Ogy pun dah start servey untuk rumah Bangi... Lagipun, lebih baik buat sekali daripada buat kemudian hari, nanti leceh...

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

itula ayu & ogy, rasanya beli jugak kot nanti
mmg konfius btol la