Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Almond London Cookies

220gm butter
30gm shortening (note:original Yen's recipe used all 250gm butter)
130gm icing sugar
2 egg yolks
1tsp vanilla essence
450gm cookies flour, sifted (note:original Yen's recipe used plain flour)
Toasted whole almond
Toasted diced almond and melted choc for deco.

1. Beat butter + shortening until fluffy
2. Add in egg yolks and vanilla essence
3. Add flour & mix slowly until well mixed & soft dough is formed
4. Take a spoonful of batter and cover 1 almond, shape into oval.
5. Bake for 15-20 min , 170 deg.
6. Melt chocolate & cover the biscuit. Place into paper cup & topped with diced almond.
7. Let it cool & set before packing.

Coating tips:
1) Put all baked biscuit into the bowl filled with melted chocolate. By using spoon/pengepit take out the biscuit and place in paper cup.
2) Topped with diced almond right after you have placed the biscuit into paper cup. The diced almond won't stick onto the choc if it has set & cool.

We've spent almost RM2.7k in one day, today. The most highest RMXXX goes to my new toy: Heavy Duty Mixer. Will share the photo with all of you laterr dude.

What we got today:
Mama-2 baju kurung, 1 tudung, 1 wallet, 1 sandal
Ayah-1 baju melayu, 2 pairs of sock
Mus'ab-1 baju melayu, 2 casual wear, 1 sock, 1 belt
Mawaddah-1 baju kurung, 2 casual wear, 1 sock, 1 sandal
My sister-1 baju kurung , 1 tudung
My auntie @ N9- 1 baju kurung
Our house-Wrought iron curtain rods + curtain accessories
Food: Ketupat daun palas, rendang tok & serunding ayam- all RM16

More to buy: New wall lamp for main area, Frame of ayat al-Quran, bookcase cabinet

Still pending & confirmed not ready this Raya:
1) Mawaddah baju kurung to sew at home->already cut by Uwan, still not sew by Mama.
2) Another 2 door curtains for 2 rooms upstairs. Pending because renda tak cukup.
3) Mama baju kurung to sew at home. Not done any, just terperap dlm plastik.

Most pending at sewing project. Another things that demotivate myself, kids disturbing the machine, jarum jahit patah, few machine's buttons tercabut, benang kene main->tarik panjang2 sampai ke bilik2 lain, pendek kata:serabut sungguh mesin jahitku!!!


yatipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

wahh letak la gambar mixer mu itu!! bape riban farra?

puterikiut said... Reply To This Comment

wahh sonoknyer... shopping sakan makcik..

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

alemak tak sempat lg nak letak gambo mixer, bz sakan juga makcik ni kat umah

mardhiah12 said... Reply To This Comment

farra, thanks for the recipe. lama sungguh aku tak buat london almond

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

aini, ko guna resipi ni?