Saturday, August 18, 2007

Baking class in Klang Valley

To a new friend who sent me an email asking about the baking class, pls apology me for giving a very very late reply (about 2 weeks i guess). Abg did warning me that I shall check my Y! mail frequently.I think I was so busy during work days, so that is the valid reason for not able to check the email often.

Since my reply was so short, let me share more about the baking class in KV that I've attended.
My first ever baking class that I joined on March after recovered from dengue. The location is quite near to my house. I learned Black Forest Cake, Cream Peach Cheesecake & Carrot Moist Cake. Top rating cake goes to Peach CC & Carrot MC.

I think most of people know them. I always go to the KL/Puchong class. They have lots of products that I couldn't able to name it all in my blog. To date,I've attended 3 baking/decorating class in Yen. Yen's price is the best among others in terms of their product or class. Kudos Yen!

The first buttercream recipe & cake deco class I attended is here. Location : Taman Melawati.

They have many branches in KV, like Gombak, Tmn Permata. You may visit their website and view thru their varieties of products, baking classes & workshops. I just attended one workshop yesterday, Fondant & Royal Icing Workshop in BAGUS Gombak from 10.30am - 4.00pm. The fees is RM180. No wonder people charge the fondant cake a bit higher than normal cake frosted with butter cream because frosting & deco the cake with fondant need a very careful, creative, neat work + high level of patience to make a wonderful cake. Wanna see my cake yesterday? Visit SMILEY!

5) HOI ( house of ingredients)
The shop is very near to my house. I frequently buy there but never attend their class. They don't have website.

May this entry benefit to all bakers & 'to be' bakers


SME ® said... Reply To This Comment


Mau tanya sikit aaaa

Org umah aku minat sgt kelas2 camni

So nak minta tolong sikit if it is possible for u to share some info (if any) regarding to the baking class here in penang (island part).

Setakat ni yg kite org ternampak2 or ter-surfing2 tu ade la but if ko ade kenal/ bleh recommend ke ... just let me know.

deman said... Reply To This Comment


wife aku ckp dia tak tahu sgt ttg kelas memasak kat penang.

Dia byk tahu kelas kat klg valley pon thru searching kat Internet. Try searching, mesti ada nye lah.

- deman on behalf of fara

LiTtLe m3 said... Reply To This Comment

bleh plak komen org lain reply tak per2 on behalf hehehe kak oii bila la free leh merasa order dan makan CMC ni..