Friday, July 13, 2007

Pizza again

I made this pizza last Sunday.Used the same pizza sos recipe in previous entry. Just change the topping to chicken flake & pineapple. So, let's name it, Smiley Hawaiian Pizza!Ready pizza base (with 2 regular crusts). You can buy it from any hypermarket like Tesco etc.
The Pizza paste.
Before baked.
Just out from oven! My kids love it very much. Alhamdulillah
Em, after the visit, Abang said our baby benz will be ready in 1 week time. Whenever Mus'ab saw any type of Merz, he will say " Kete ayah" and poiting to the car. He will say it every time he saw Merz! This is like a pray for his dad. Hope that Abang will get his dream car Merz C class or above on day!:p

Note: I still owe the cookies pic and recipe learnt in Checf Asma cookies class. Will update later key!


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