Thursday, May 24, 2007

My future kitchen

Survey start again. This time we were searching for all kitchen related appliances.

Last Saturday we went to few shops at Jalan Ipoh. The price offer was quite good. We got 2 items that day. 1st is two and half bowl sink for only RM199, and 2-way tap for RM110 after discount (np:RM170).

The shop also offer us RINNAI inner flame built-in hobs + chimney hood for RM2599. The inner flame hobs the latest technology that provide higher heat efficiency. Rinnai ok ke ek? Anyway, we are still searching another best package that available in market. I think I prefer that inner flame burner coz it can save energy and also easy to clean. Click here to read more about inner flame hobs from Rinnai.

To date, we already got 3 quotations from 3 contractor. But no further action was taken due to $$$. Our $$$ stranded in ESOS. Need to wait until share price increased a bit, at least we gained something. Salah timing beb.

Last but not least, my dream mixer. ;) kenwood


Hany FF said... Reply To This Comment

dah bermula ek. selamat me'renovate'!

ummi said... Reply To This Comment

*angkat tangan* akak guna hob and hood rinnai. akak nyer yang stainless-stell finish tu. so far so good. kalau api terpadam, it will automatically shut off the gas supply. hood plak, i think better get yang ventilate punya, senang sikit and lagi bersih kot tho it'll makan space a bit sbb nak buat corong keluar tu. maybe yang fara tgk tu latest design lah. akak beli hob for RM1400 and hood dalam RM600 or RM700 gitu.

siku|at said... Reply To This Comment

hermp.. fara kc qoute cane ? share la sket diorangnye qoutation leh ?

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

hany, lom mula lagi tgh warming up eheh

k.tie, thanks for ur feedback

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

semah, kc nak gi tgk ajek..tak minta quote. coz dapur belum extend, kc tu nak kene kasi floor plan
anyway maybe nak amik dkt area kepong:
TFC cabinet
WIRA kitchen
Hoyin kitchen

-are you- said... Reply To This Comment

Farra, kiteorg pun plan nak amik hob rinnai tuh. price plg murah yg kiteorg pernah dpt utk model RB-2CG is RM 1600. kedai yg kiteorg tanya tuh boleh combine hood and hob yg kita suka. so ingat nk amik hood brand lain sbb diaorg kata hood rinnai tak bagus sgt. price yg farra dpt tuh utk model yg mana satu? kalau murah, leh recommend kat kite ;)

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

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