Monday, February 5, 2007

Jan highlight

Terasa amat malas bengat nak update blog. Dah masuk Feb ni.
Let’s summarize January event sket.

Majority of the colleague moved to V***. Now I have less Kroni. The past 2 weeks was very hectic. I’ll be at home almost/after maghrib. Abg will fetch up the kids as our daily KPI is to fetch kids at least by 7pm daily. For Jan, no leave taken even I applied one day.

I bought 2 educational CD for kids. The kids really enjoy the CD and they will play it several times in a day. Some of the CD song: Bismillah, Alhamdullilah, A way of life. As for me, I bought 1 new book title "Bread making by machine or hand" and one new shirt. The book price is RM80, quite expensive but I've fallen in love when the first time read it.

For Jan, I tried only 2 new recipes: Choc Cake without butter and Sotong goreng bertepung.
As for curtain sewing project, the progress was very slow. I only managed complete 2 day curtains for the 2 upstairs rooms. Macam2 dugaan. Tersilap jahit la, tersenget la .. alahai kene bukak palik. Already borrowed Curtain sewing book from
Ummimon. Memang teruja, tapi nampak leceh gak.

Managed to attend one relative wedding in Shah Alam, one ex-neighbour delivered 3rd kid in Shah Alam, balik kampung Negeri sembilan, ziarah makcik di Ampang and ziarah kubur arwah Ayoi. Alhamdulillah

Abg went for outstation 3 times this Jan.


I've started pumping only 1 time in a day dek bz bangat di ofis. This Feb need to pump twice/day to stimulate back more milk. I already bought new spare parts from Kinderjik. So the pump looks so new. No yellowish colour anymore. ehehhe

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puterikiut said... Reply To This Comment

farra.. 1 hari sekali tu dpt berapa oz? byk stok ke dlm freeze? tiap2 hari bagi berapa oz ek?saja nak bersiapan bila alesha makin membesar nanti...