Friday, December 1, 2006

Late update

My late update for this week:

I turned 26 years old 2 days ago. I was not in the office when the present from Abang arrived. Abang surprised me with the present, a bouquet of roses. Thanks Abang for the lovely gift.

Umur makin bertambah. Aku mengingatkan diriku, amalam perlu ditambah, ilmu masih banyak perlu di cari, hubungan sirraturahim mesti sentiasa perlu dijaga, anak-anak perlu dijaga dan dididik menjadi insan berguna, peranan sebagai isteri juga perlu diperbaiki selalu.

Yesterday, the officemate and my boss surprised me with a small birthday party. And today, I treat my officemates with my Cream O Cheesecake.

I have started my hobby again. Baking, cooking and eating!! Last weekend I did my first bread, Chelsea Bun. It taste good and the recipe was so simple. I thought I can upload the picture here but actually Abang did not transfer it in my thumb drive. So, will upload the pic later ok.

Then, on Tuesday, I did New York Cheesecake, sold to Abang’s office. Now, I’m trying to get contract of ‘Cake Supplier’ to Abang office. And on Wednesday, I baked the Cream O Cheesecake.

The outstanding output for my self this week was, Chelsea Bun, 2 Cheesecakes and Zero NCR for the audit.

Next week, I will be attending the Lead Auditor Course for 1 week in Residence Hotel. Hope will pass the course successfully.

Our new book for our knowledge enhancement this month:
1) Halal Haram – very good book for all Muslim. With this book, we can actually know which food that should not be avoided.
2) Pelik Tapi benar Dalam Solat- panduan solat dalam keadaan tertentu seperti Solat sambil dukung anak dsb.
3) Soal Jawab remeh temeh tentang Solat – banyak soalan-soalan remeh yang orang malu nak bertanya tapi dah ada jawapan dalam buku ni.

Last but not least, new book for the kids this month: 100 Words – colorful and attractive.


Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

happy besday farra!!nak rasa cheese cake tu!!nanti buatkan akak raspberry cheese boleh??favorite.

ummi said... Reply To This Comment

farra - mehlah anta kek sebijik kat tkt23, boleh?

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

boleh ajekk k. ain...

kek dah abeh la k.umi..lain kali ok