Sunday, December 24, 2006

4 days and 3 nights in Cherating

I was away from the office for 2 days, attending a meeting in Impiana Cherating replacing my boss. As usual, I always brought along the whole family. But this time, the whether was not so good. It's raining all the way to Cherating. As all know, flood happened in few places including Pahang. Holiday for the kids seem so dull, nothing exciting. The 1st day was spent in the resort's room only. It was raining for the whole day. We can only have goo time on the second day. We walked around the resort and along the seaside. Mus'ab did get chance terjun swimming pool but not so long. He felt cold easily maybe sebab lemak kurang. The only things that we could buy for family were keropok lekor, keropok kering & ikan masin only. We even didn't find any shop that sell clothes for kids. Lagipun tak sempat nak cari. We came home on Saturday after the meeting end on the afternoon. Initially, I planned to have one more night stay in any part of Terengganu. But due to the bad whether, we have to cancel the plan. Nonetheless, we managed to get some pics. See more here!!

Tomorrow, I'm not going to office. Just spent one day leave to fulfill few missions. My missions tomorrow:
1) Go to kitchen cabinet shop. To get quotation and proposed design plan.
2) Next to go Ceramic World Showroom, Selayang. To get idea on which colour and tiles to use for our kitchen.
3) Lastly, to go Nagoya KL. To buy day curtains for our house. Raya is still far but I have to buy it early as my plan to sew it myself. I can imagine that it's gonna take very long time to finish it because of these obvious interruptions: kids, housekeeping works and baking activities.

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