Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cerita outstation

Actually I want to post on the 1st day at Kuching because we connecting to the Net for 24hrs for the 1st day. But the Net was so slow and the duration almost end. We pay RM15 for it because DH needs to prepare and submit his conference paper. I shall salute DH because he managed to finish the paper and at the same time managed to babysit Mawaddah.

Mawaddah & I flew with MAS while DH took AirAsia. I was accompanied by my officemate, Elis. Kesian Mawaddah, on the way to Kuching she was suffering a bad ‘mabuk kapal terbang’. Muntah banyak giler. Hmm nevertheless, my nursing top is quit helpful. Breastfeeding in front of public made easy!

Hotel?? Hmm..actually, we planned to stay at Harbor View, but the rooms were fully book. So, we stayed at Merdeka Palace, Kuching. This is 5 star hotel. But we only book the Standard Room which cost RM166 inclusive breakfast for 2. The room is actually the smallest which I ever stayed before. We can’t choose Deluxe or Superior because it cost more than I’m eligible. Huh! Horror la coz the we got parking room’s view. Then, we have some Mystery experience there. Ada sket “gangguan halus” kat situ. Tapi malas nak citer kat sini. Hehehe.

Time passed very fast. Actually, we didn’t enjoy the outstation very much. This is because I was too busy with the audit program. The audit was so tiring. Almost everyday we were back to hotel near 7pm. Then, DH & the baby just melepak kat hotel cause the haze at Kuching was very bad. Alhamdulillah, Mawaddah just have light cough & flu.

My last day at Kuching was terrible. My flight delayed for 3.5 hours. Because of haze & then because of rain. DH waited us at KLIA because AitAia flew on time. I was struggling to calm down the baby at Airport because there’s no comfortable place to rest her.

Cash outflow?? Not so much. We just bought tikar Sarawak 7 X 9 for RM240 (including postal fee), kek lapis Sarawak, one beg for myself and shirt for Mus’ab.

Have to stop writing now. Will update more pics tomorrow!

Opps… about our Lead Auditor Course.The course postponed to another month cause our team have to finalize all ISO documentation by this week.

Next trip!! I’ll joining my hubby’s outstation next week to :
28-29 Aug : Ipoh
29-30 Aug : Sg Petani
30 Aug –2 Sept: Kampung Mak Mertua

What can I say about this Aug?? Yehaa..Cuti2 Malaysia.


mardhiah12 said... Reply To This Comment

ingatkan dah pergi lead auditor course..pst, jadi apa kat kuching?

Juliana said... Reply To This Comment

farra, next time gi kuching try Holliday Inn Kuching, 5 star, rm160 per nite (incl tax) with 2 breakfast. makcik kite cakap besar gile bilik, ada 2 double bed..

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

kene masuk ofis gak siapkan sume ISO postpone la course tu

juli, benornya mmg nk book holiday inn pon..because last minute, all hotels fully booked..lain kali kene cecepat sket