Monday, July 31, 2006

When you try, you learn something

I’ve started introduce solid food for the little cutie pie. I make my own homemade baby food. It was a very satisfying moment. But Mawaddah seems to eat very tiny amount. Rasanya tak lebih 5 kali sudu kecil. Tragik lagi, yang keluar dari mulut lagi banyak dari yang ditelan rasanya. Maybe she’s in the learning process. And as usual, the mummy needs to finish the balance. Oherwise: pembaziran!!

This is the menu already listed in my mind:
Last week menu: Brown rice porridge
This week menu: Apple puree
Next week menu: Potato puree

I’m gonna have dating with hubby this coming Wednesday. Sorry my dear kids. Mama cannot bring you all along. Mama nak shopping ngan Ayah sambil berpegangan tangan. Ihiks ;) This is the first time dating (only 2 of us) after having Mawaddah.

Our flight tickets and hotel booking to Kuching already in place. Harap semuanya berjalan lancar.  


Wadee Al Ain said... Reply To This Comment

Akum fara.kak ain, your biras aka beras la ni:).tetiba nak baca blog awk lak.pasal introduce solid food tu, nak bg few tips:
1. try new menu at least 14 times ie 2wks before change to new menu.sbb nak spot any allergy reaction.if present,then we know what actually yg baby allergy.then stop the menu.baru switch to new one.after 1 month, try challenge baby balik wif menu yg dia allergy tu.
2. one serving, dah memadai if baby just got the taste ie 5 spoonsful pon dak okay.
3.timing is crucial-pick a meal time bila baby tgh alert and active, bknnya waktu dah nak tido.
4. open baby appetite with 2-3 teguk milk-can be breastmilk or formula.
5. never never and never force baby to eat.can be a bad experient for her, and meal time wont be the most wonderful session after all.
6. don`t stress up when baby tak nak makan.

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

Thank you dear for the useful tips
setakat ni sume menu tu mawaddah tak alergik ..coz her stool nampak ok
I think I should strictly apply the tips #5 :p
She seems like the apple puree rather than the rice porridge. Kalau bagi apple puree confirm abis. Takpe ke ek?