Monday, January 9, 2006

Progress that I wish to remember

This is the story of an expectant mother with her EDD on 26 March 2006.

3 months
B/P- 90/60
Weight- 53kg
4 months
B/P- 80/50
Weight- 53kg
5 months
B/P- 90/60
Weight- 54kg
6 months
B/P- 80/50
Weight- 58kg
Blood test result:
Hemoglobin: 96 Normal: 115-165
RCB: 3.17 Normal: 3.8-5.5
7 months
B/P- 90/60
Weight- 60kg

Comment from the clinic Dr in her reference letter:
She was noted to have low blood pressure ranging from 80/50 to 90/60 and antenatal geology done in Nov 05 showed with anemia (HB-96 g/l).

I’ve eaten so much food that can supply more blood..sampai naik muak pon ada hopefully next month my HB will increase a bit. Amin.

Alahai rasanya tak sabar plak nak pi Hospital this week…excited nak tgk baby’s gender..dah masuk 7 months ++ ni lom pernah scan lagi

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