Friday, January 6, 2006

Kesian Mus’ab..hampir 2 minggu kene cirit birit.

A week before we went to PD on 24 Dec Mus’ab has started suffering we went to get the medicine from nearest clinic & at the same time we used lactose free milk for Mus’ab…based on our last experience after 2 days using LF milk, Mus’ab will recover…but not this time, diarrhea still continue... I took urgent leave on 19 Dec…

Things getting worse he got fever 3 days before we went back to Kg Kulim…so we went to Clinic again..Dr gave same medicine…I took one more urgent leave on 28 Dec..Alhamdulillah On 29 Dec, he recovered from fever..but diarrhea still persist….we still continue with our Balik Kg plan….that was the most tiring journey I ever experienced..1stly because maybe I’m pregnant..2nd, because we have to change Mus’ab diapers several times..we were not only stopped at R&R but also just in masjid..petrol stations whichever place that are suitable to drop by…and of course I’m getting panic with his condition..nappy rash became worst…merah menyala wooo..

Finally we arrived Kg Kulim at 5pm..straight away we change diaper for the 5th times….then go out again to go to the nearest clinic in the Kg..but all clinics closed on Friday..after solat jama’ Asar & Zohor..we go out again to town, Kulim to go to TM clinic panel…Alhamdulillah clinic open..Dr give same medicine but this time Dr didn’t allow us to give any milk to Mus’ab for 2 days..Mus’ab can only drink the delicious ‘ Air Garam’ (ORS)..I make it very delicious by adding syrup flavor….so sad to see him drinking only the water…in addition Mus’ab doesn’t like to eat rice..he only like biscuits & cornflakes..badan pon dah susut dek kene cirit birit for 2 weeks…

Alhamdulillah after 4 he recovered..the good cure is by follow these steps:
1) Give the ORS water for 2 consecutive days..No Milk at all..also give porridge to baby who like porridge (but not in case of Mus’ab)
2) Then, can start give LF Milk on the 3rd day….but need to make it very dilute
3) At the same time, give all water medicine consistently..especially Antibitoic ~ perlu dihabiskan
4) Then can start use normal Milk he used to drink ~Dugro 1 Plus~
Alhamdulillah hati dah senang :D

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