Friday, December 9, 2005

Oohh our house

This week I have gone through a lot of interesting activities… the first 2 days attending workshop @ Hotel Maya, Jln Ampang..On Wednesday seating Assessment test for all CCM exec, and yesterday attending Mgt Meeting + Interview Session + Motivational Session

Renovation work of our house just started on last Monday..actually, it’s not so called “House renovation”. But just simple touch up to repair & to make the house is comfortable to stay…. Luckily, we have my father to supervise all the Indon & Chinese workers..these are what we r planning to do with the house:

1) 2 bathrooms + 1 toilet- plumbing activities, removing bath tub (we hate it!) , installing new pili wudhu’ & changing new tiles
2) Upstairs area + 3 bedrooms – changing new tiles
3) Kitchen cabinet- changing new tiles inside the cabinet…maybe next 5 years we will have new kitchen the moment just use what’s readily available
4) Painting the whole house (inside + outside)

Basically, we need to invest almost RM9k just for the workmanship…to cut the budget, we buy the tiles & paint by ourselves … painting contract might not be given all to the contractor… half will be handling by Hubby & Tok Mus’ab…anyhow, until today, I still cannot decide 100% which tiles for our bedroom, for bathroom & for toilet..because there’s too many choices out there with too many colors + pattern

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Juliana said... Reply To This Comment

banyaknyer spend utk new house renovation.. susah ek nak carik rumah yg dah cantik takyah renovate? i found 1 but price is rm290++.. tapi mmg lawa gile laa