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#MyTravelokaEscapade; Things to do in London #ThankYouTraveloka

Korang, pernah tak dengar pasal Traveloka? I knew about Traveloka actually in last 2 months, when I was browsing through the Internet to find our accommodation for recent trip; Banda Aceh & Sabang. We booked our hotel via Traveloka because of the deal is better than Booking.com and Agoda.com.

Traveloka always had amazing promo. You just need to sign up as member and you'll be alerted with the promo.
I'm going to book my next trip with Traveloka again ;). Counting months for next trip ngeeee
Since Traveloka is currently having #MyTravelokaEscapade contest , so I wish to share my dream destination too. Mudah-mudahan murah rezeki hiks #muahcikedtraveloka

Kat mana agaknya my dream destination?


My dream destination is LONDON! I hope Traveloka will grant my wish! ;)

LONDON. Sebut je London rasanya inilah tempat yg menjadi idaman semua orang. It's a dream since childhood orang kata. Ye la, anak-anak tak perlu di ajar pasal London, semua dah kenal tempat ni padahal tak pernah pon sampai lagi ke sana.

Since I'm going to bring my kids for this escapade, these are the things I want to do with kids in London.

1. Explore the FREE family-friendly activities.
From other forum and friend's sharing, there are a lots of FREE things to do with kids actually. I can expose the kids to the educational attractions such as British MuseumNational History Museum. They can watch the Changing Guard ceremony outside Buckingham Palace. Kids will be excited to see Tower Bridge open from the bank of Thames river. Park Life would be another exciting place to visit with kids like Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. They can play maze and meet Dinosaur in Crystal Palace Park.

2. Strolling by the river bank of Thames.
Dengan hanya berjalan kaki di tepi sungai kita dapat menikmati 3 tempat menarik iaitu Big Ben, London Eye and Westminster Abbey ( tempat Prince William kahwin). Jimat pon jimat kan. I is so budget keh3
Big Ben is among London's most iconic landmarks, it's actually The Houses of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower.
Source: Google
3. Tower (London) Bridge & City of London
Tah sah kalau tak selfie kat 'London Bridge' kan? Patutla budak-budak dr kecik tahu pasal London. Kecik-kecik lagi dah nyanyi lagu 'London bridge is Falling down' kat tadika tu. Jalan-jalan sekitar city of London pon ok juga, just nak tengok bangunan-bangunan cantik di London :). Antaranya juga bangunan di Notting Hill.

4. Explore historical places 
We love history and thus we shall visit the historic place like Kensington Palace and Stonehenge Windsor Castle. I believe banyak lagi kan tempat bersejarah kat sana. Alahai syoknye kalau dapat pergi.
We love historical attractions. So this is a must visit place in London. Source: alamy

5. Day and road trip to Cardiff & Cornwall 
We love exploring places via self-driving as we can reach as many place as we can. So if time permits, I wish to do this. Why not to have a walk to Peny-y-Fan Peak, Cardiff right? #mestibawagoodwalkingshoes. And then I want to witness the beauty of Minack Theathre and Pendennis Castle in Cornwall. Nampak tak tamak disitu. ambitious kan? I don't think I can cover both places in just one day.  Takpela angan-angan dulu ;)

6. Other attractions for kids like Harry Potter Tour
Kalau ada bajet, tempat ni can be considered in itinerary. Berkorban apa saja for kids :)
source: https://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/
7. Old Trafford
Harusla kesini kerana anak teruna amat meminati pasukan bola Manchester United. Berapa kali dah sebut Old Trafford ni.

8. Experience transportation in London
Pelik tak bunyinya? hehe. We want to experience London's Underground Train/Tube yang sangat tersohor itu sambil belajar baca peta dan sambil sesat2 sikit tu biasalah kan. Itulah pengalaman berharga ;) . Boleh juga nak merasa naik bas double decker London ( hop on and off bus). Mesti best kan! Mak pon excited naik bus hiks

9. Shopping & experience the daily life like a local
Dengan kata mudahnya, I nak merasa hidup macam penduduk di London dengan lepak-lepak di taman, shopping di Marks & Spencer/The Harrods, berjalan-jalan di weekend market/car boot sales & enjoy groceries shopping and local cuisine. I'm so into this style~ masuk Tesco, Sainsbury's etc , amik trolley and shopping barang-barang dapur secara berhemah..then sampai apartment masak for family. I just lovin' it!

Next, from London I wish to continued our journey to ICELAND because the cheapest flight ticket to Iceland is from London. FYI, other than London, we can actually fly to Iceland from Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Paris. But I still prefer London laa ;). Since Dilwale was released by end of 2015, rasanya ramai dah kenal Iceland because the entire music video Gerua shot in Iceland. Among the filming locations are like Black Sand and Skogofass Waterfall. #anganangandulu

I hope traveloka will grant my leave for my next escapade. If my leave is approve, you will not only made my day but to the kids as well! because I will bring them along #muahmuah #sayangtraveloka

Kalau korang ada destinasi pilihan, apa kata join this contest!


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