Monday, December 21, 2009

Fraser's Hill & Kedah

Fraser Hill: 16-17 Dec 09
Kedah:17-20 Dec 09

Day 1 @ FH:
Pagi bergerak ke FH target to reach the gate by 11am. Alhamdulillah selamat sampai kat hotel kami iaitu SilverPark apartment as plan around 12pm++. Only 5 staffs drive by own car while the rest traveling by rented bus. The highest temperature there is 24 deg during the day and 17 deg in the night. After lunch and check-in, I started my workshop and finished by 5.30pm. While I was having rehearsel for the performance for the nite, hubby taking the whole family ronda-ronda FH. Nothing much that we can do over there just ordinary sightseeing and breath in fresh air on top of the hill. We got CCM Red Hot Nite where all staffs has to performed according to their particular team. We got prizes, lucky draw and performance to all including the mgt team. The mgt team ( me counted too) performed the worst I guess, we didn't practice seriously for that 'Thru my window
" song. huhu :p . The day end with karaoke session. Me and family not counted..we went to our room and watched Spiderman @ TV2. No Astro here ok.

Day 2 @ FH:
After breakfast, we have jungle tracking activity and horse riding. No sweat at all. maybe because of the weather. After zohor check-out and bye bye to FH. We straight away headed towards Kulim and safely arrive kampung around 8pm++. Sabtu gi officemate's walimah at sempadan Kedah- Png.

Girlies of CCMBaru sampai..posing duluss

Sedang berjungle tracking

Aksi yg poyo di dalam hutan
Muaz yg senang lena lepas dibedung. Tak susah jaga masa mama workshop kan ayah?
Ngape suka buat hidung kembang?

Sejuk ni! berkabusss
Aksi poyo juga :p. Sakit tgn main ni

Mawaddah 1st time naik kuda..dia suka sangat! Abg Ab,nampak hero tapi penakut nak naik kuda..huhu


eLLe said... Reply To This Comment

alaaa..comey nyeee muaz pakaii overall..kite pon x sabar2 nak dhia pakai overall, dah beli cume xtau bile nak pakai..huhu..

Yan said... Reply To This Comment

hye farra... baby dah bape bulan... lame yan tak berblog... baru berkesempatan ke sini... thanx jengah blog yan..

y@tipruzz said... Reply To This Comment

firas pon suke air cond, tido lena bukan main :p

Farra said... Reply To This Comment

shell~bby pakai apa2 pon sume kiut hihi

yan~bby dh 4 months 3 wks

yati~tu ler..suke die ...sbb kat umahnya tade air cond