Saturday, July 12, 2008

She is growing up!

You may remember a post on my goal to get Mawaddah go diaperless this July 2008. I need to give you some updates on it.

I did it. Mawaddah is now happy without her diaper except during the bedtime. I started her training since last Saturday. I started by letting her day goes on diaperless. Despite of my hectic cooking itinerary, almost every hour I have to asked her to go toilet because she is still nor familiar the idea of pee-ing.

Everyday, I’ve been making her day go to toilet before she is going to bed every night. 2 out of these 6 days, her diaper is still dry the moment she woke up in the morning. She will then immediately said “ Nak yak”

What can I say..Alhamdulillah. She did it. She is practicing frugality ..ehehe by not wearing diaper.

Another update:

1) Finally everybody managed to get together in Beb's dinner at Chilli MV last night. I went to MV direct from office since my meeting ended at 7pm. Hubby and kid used Komuter Train from home. The kids were so excited for taking train the first time hehe. About Chilli, this is our first time eating at the Restaurant like that. A plate of meal priced between the range of RM25-RM40. My first word that came out when I saw the price .." What??".

2) We had Futsal this morning. Sadly say, we didn't win. I got semput on the second half of the game.:p Bukan senang woo main Futsal..but it was fun. I brought a big Apam Pisang to treat the whole CCMIS's families. I had a minor incident after the game. I left a small blue bag which comprises of a diaper, a wallet and a handphone in the hall. I just realised the missing of the bag when we reached home. Alhamdulillah, syukur. My friend found it and asked him to keep it until we meet again tomorrow. Meaning that, I'll be driving to the office this Monday without any license nor i/c. Hope everything will be ok. Sorry in case I didn't reply any sms / answer the call okeyy.

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dah besar la mawaddah:)boleh le ber`adik` ni.