Saturday, May 17, 2008

My passion

If you are one of the PM investor, it's a good news to know that PM won the Best Islamic Fund Manager is Asia. You may want to know more here.

Everyday I live in my world of's in Personal Finance. Eventhough I'm still working in Customer Service line (particularly in Contact Center), I can't stop myself from relate Financial planning with the strategy in grooming my company contact center to be the best. We are now very busy in working hard on one big project for the company. The end result will be a millions save for the company. Our superior keep motivating us about the rewards that we would enjoy if we can successfully made it. It's challenging but I'm also passionate about it. I’m looking forward the rewards.

The course that I've attended (leadership web) is very superb. The most interesting part is about the NLP. I love it and when the trainer asked, if I were given to have dinner with, I replied, it will be Adam Khoo. No wonder I feel the excitement learning the subject because Adam is also the practitioner of NLP. Great leaders applied NLP. I want to do more research about it.

Maybe due to that, my another world of passion world of baking has been given a less focus and attention. The 3 baking tools which I bought from Tan See Fong has been arrived about one month ago, but I never had the desire to try it. I spent RM128 for it; 2 chocolate moulds and 1 VCD. Anyway, I don’t want to loose my semi-expertise competency in baking. That’s why I still continue baking and take limited order. Frankly, I still have the passion in baking.

Opps..I have to stop my online activity now because I have 2 important tasks today: 1) Prepare and submit job dimension presentation to boss by today 2) Bake 3kg wedding cake for tomorrow’s delivery. This is the first I was given another challenging order, a big cake :D.

Last but not least, these are some powerful presuppositions to boost your motivation which I learned from the course:

"Confusion is the beginning of understanding, discomfort is the
beginning of skill"

"Whatever you do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it"

"There is no such thing as failure, only feedback"

We also plan to go Aquaria tomorrow just to spent our own sweet time with the kids. I also plan to buy new Adam Khoo's book at Kinokuniya. Book title "Nurturing the winner & genuis in your child"

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