Monday, November 13, 2006

Im so upset. Frustrating cannot follow my husband to Teluk Batik, Ive started to fulfill my time with not so beneficial activity. First is finding new skin for my blog. Here it’s Choc Life!!!
Actually, I’ve finished all my works last week. I was so efficient for the whole one week hoping that Boss will approve my leaves. Unfortunately, I have to work this week and no one is allowed to take leave after we’ve finished the SIRIM audit this coming 27 Nov.
Sdey beb. Cuti banyak lagi. So pity to huby coz every staff go there with their family. Huby alone driving from KL to Teluk Batik with all the PCs.

Last Saturday, we went my officemate’s house, Sarah. Then, to Master of Mgt gathering at Pelita Nasi Kandar, near KLCC. So frustrated, only 4 of friends turn up. We waited quite long minutes, having chit chat and the the tarik kow kow. After magrib, back off as we cannot wait more longer. On the way home, we stopped at Carrefour to buy few household items. Basically, all for the kids like diapers, milk and a gift for Mawaddah, a walker. Why we buy walker this time? Because Mawaddah suka sangat menyusur ke dapur to find her mom. Habis satu baju kotor dek habuk & all stuffs on the floor. So, now at least can keep her clothes cleaner than before. She also can moved around chasing her Bro Musab riding bicycle in the house. End up, Ayah can enjoy reading papers and Mama can enjoy clean up house or cooking something in kitchen.

Yesterday, Sunday, we went to Safurah & Halim house. So nice meeting with all friends while having the delicious makanan raya. Masyallah makanan sume sedap-sedap. Today, kene insaf balik. Hubby left house abound 4.30pm. Cam biasa, Musab menjerit nak ikut. Tapi lepas tu bila dah start main ngan Adiknya dah tak kesah pulak.
After Asar, we went to the babysitter’s open house, Kak Azmah. Barula dapat pelunag nak berborak-borak walaupun everyday jumpa.

Alhamdulillah sillaturrahim terjalin sesama rakan taulan dengan menghadiri 5 majlis jamuan makan raya minggu lepas.
Last but not least, this is the only our family raya pic.


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heh.. samalah kite.. kalau tensen dan malas lebey sket, nanti keje kite mendecorate bloglaa.. hehe

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cantikla skin baru

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very nice layout