Monday, June 19, 2006

It has been a month since I’ve been start working. Alhamdulillah, Allah gave the chance for me to breastfeed Mawaddah exclusively even though I’m working. Current job is actually less hectic as before as we have 3 execs in the same unit. We help each other. I have time to express my BM. I took 3 times/day at the office.

About Mawaddah, she will turn 3 months tomorrow! I noticed that she love to suck her thumb. Always sucking her thumb whenever we put her lying on the bed. Mus’ab also seem more mature as time goes by. He will help buaikan her sister and also sing a song that I can’t understand. He also understands my instruction that could help me a lot. Eg: “Mus’ab, tolong amikkan bantal adik kat sana”. He will take the pillow and gave it to me. Mus’ab pon dah pandai ampaikan tuala dia & adik.

Nevertheless, he also likes to do several actions that could harm his sister. Whenever Mama & Ayah is not around, he will play kuda-kuda with Mawaddah. Bahaya beb! Ngan mama & ayah takpe la but not with adik! Since the incident, we have to be more alert. Hai..macam2 gelagat abang sorang ni. He also likes to hug Mawaddah. Bukannya pandai, tapi buat2 pandai. He also likes to share his food with Adik. Hish, adik tu kecil lagi , mana boleh makan. In return, he assumed Adik also like to share her food. What left in the bottle, Mus’ab will grasps and drink it. Amazing, he loves to drink my BM. Some people said, budak dah besar sket mana nak minum balik susu badan. Lagi2 dah bercerai lama. Sejak 4.5 months

I finally get the ad-hoc babysitter. Most eligible and trustworthy person, My Dearest Hubby!! He agreed to baby-sit our two kids during my outstation to Kuching.
Kesiannya abang kene jaga 2 kids at the hotel. Tak dapat nak bayangkan cemane.

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