Thursday, June 1, 2006

3 days before the big brother's birthday

About the new babysitter, we haven’t found the better one. So, we have decided for not getting it. Hubby said the current sitter is OK actually, it’s only me that too worried. I think it’s normal kot..women are given 9 nafsu & 1 akal. That’s why we are usually emotional. I have to thanks my officemate who borrow me with this fantastic book title “ Jangan bersedih”. I just read about few pages since Monday but it really gives me peace and calmness. The book is quite thick. I already informed her that I’ll be taking quite long time to finish it since my time mostly spend with family especially the little baby. Hubby also enjoys reading it.

Expressing BM in the office so far not very challenging, as I don’t have to go outstation at the moment. So, the milk supply for the whole working day is still enough. I think my bosses understand and also support me. They said breastfed baby would have higher IQ & healthy body. I did ask their (small & big boss) permission to going home early last week, as I need to feed my baby when our monthly mgt meeting dragged until after office hour. The meeting was running till 8pm but I went home at 7pm. Luckily, that day I’ve left one bottle for any emergency case so that Hubby can feed the baby while waiting the mom to arrive. I think the room I used to express BM is not very suitable. The room used by women as surau and as table tennis court after 5.30pm by men. Sometimes cleaners also get into the room to clean up or get some tools. I occasionally met few women and men inside or in front of the room. I’m not comfortable with the way they look at me. Maybe they are wondering what am I doing in the room and what stuff did I bring along. My pump set & the bag is actually not very small but I’m OK with that. I think I should not be ashamed with that. Let other people think what they like to be long as my baby & I live happily ever after


siku|at said... Reply To This Comment

fara, naik atas kat floor kite, awak lalu tangga kat tepi tu je. Surau kitorang ok sgt nak wat project. Heheh.. ramai plak tuh kat opis nih yang sama geng breastfeeding mums!. Peti ais pun ada kalau nak terus..
hehehe.. surau tu mmg dedicated utk girl2 aje.. and everyone mmg biasa dah ngan bf mums nih.. hehe..
mari mari.. !

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

ooo gal ajek..senang la gitu
kite sorang je yg wat projek kat rase janggal la sket
semah salu wat projek kui bape ek?

siku|at said... Reply To This Comment

tak menentu.. lepas lunch selalunye.. lepas solat zuhur, tgk kesempatan.. hehhe...

Hany FF said... Reply To This Comment

farra, dpt berapa ounce sehari?

farradasmiley said... Reply To This Comment

dpt betwn 3-4oz/perahan..3 times/day in office