Friday, October 28, 2005


Raya at Kulim
Today is my last working day before Raya holiday..this year we gonna go back to hubby’s home..Insyallah balik on next Tuesday after Subuh until Saturday..what’s so special this year as compared to last year?
  1. We get 2 new nieces : Aufa Tasneem (now 6 months) & Nurin Darwisyah (now 5 months) cucu Tok Wan & Wan now is 6 including Mus’ab

  2. We get new sister in law: Hayati..married with hubby’s brother on last June 05

  3. Mus’ab can now walking actively and can cooperate will all cousins to play “all mainan cara kampung” eg: masak-masak, tembak-tembak, istana pasir etc

  4. I’m pregnant 4 months ++ and start feel the kicking of the sweet

Special menu
I’ve contacted my MIL..we have decided to cook our special menu :
  1. Laksa Utara-wajib ni--my MIL menu

  2. Soto ayam & kuah kacang—my menu. For kuah kacang jd lebih ‘terangkat’ my bos said to put buah keras..and she already bought for me..Thanks boss!!

  3. Mee Kari—my SIL menu

Banyak kan? Anyway we will arrange what menu to be on the 1st and the following days. To all friends..Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri..maafkan segala salah silap kami semalam ini..raya nanti jemputla mai umah..umah betul kami lom bleh mai lg sbb belum clean up lagi..mai umah skang le..kome pon tahu kan..


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