Thursday, September 15, 2005

I still remember my old days there…

I can still remember the days where I was rushing to the class after office hours. Before Mus’ab was born, my Hubby accompanied me until the class end at 10pm. Thanks God I have my hubby whenever I need him. Before I can close my eyes, my nightly routine was filled with books, notes, assignment but sometimes still have a chance to change the routine by watching TV especially Sembilu on every Tuesday. What a long episode of this series but now I’ve switched to Mencari Cinta. Then my weekend routine was also filled with class, discussion or assignments. My first sem was a very challenging period coz I didn’t familiar with the chaotic & tiring schedule. I almost wanted to quit the program. I feel very stress. I cried. I prayed. My parents and my arwah abang supported me. Then I survived with MOM.

It’s like happened yesterday. I was deferred one sem to give birth to Mus’ab. On the last day of my Pantang, I continued my journey. I go to my TQM class that was conducted on Sunday by my favorite lecturer, Dr Rafikul. Why I’m so favor with him? Because he always give A for all subjects teach by him. Being a student and a mother to 3 months old baby is very tough. Thanks God, again I have my parents who support me a lot…my mom who cooked for me while I was in father who sometimes need to picked up me in IIU when I don’t have car..and the most important person in my HUBBY..who spent his time to look after Mus’ab while I’m in (or not) house doing assignment/revision or attending classes/discussion . Thanks abang, for your love, support and assistance.

3 years passed very fast. Alhamdullilah, I did it. On IIUM 21st Convo, I get my Masters scroll, my certificate of MOM Best Student, my plaque (sponsored by Shell Malaysia) and cash money. It’s all worth for me. I am satisfied.

*Mama Ab*

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